April 28, 2018 Nerdlesque Festival VIP Admission

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VIP includes priority seating in the first 3 rows and gifts from our sponsors.

The 4th International Nerdlesque Festival is thrilled to make World Famous and historic Coney Island USA our home, April 27-29 2018! For the first time, catch TWO nights of shows plus parties, a burlesque bazaar, classes, and more are all under one roof at the recently renovated Sideshows by the Seashore!

The Nerdlesque Festival is the first ever festival dedicated to nerd and pop culture related burlesque! Created in 2014, this festival showcases the best in nerdy burlesque from across the planet. Our festival aims to encourage and foster the development of nerdlesque as an art form as well as community-building. From April 27-29, 2018, our sexy nerd powers combine to turn New York into the epicenter of glittery naked nerdery!

Saturday, April 28:
The Big Finish
Hosted by Nasty Canasta, the evening will be headlined by Sweetpea (Minnesota) and Liberty Rose (Philadelphia). Special Guests The Vigilantease Collective (Minnesota). Other featured performers include Anja Keister  (Brooklyn, NY), Bourgeois Grenade (Los Angeles, CA / Philadelphia, PA), Cheeky DeVine and Sammy Temper (Boston, MA), Draco Muff-Boi (Vancouver, British Columbia), Genome Kelly (Philadelphia, PA), Goldi Fox (Philadelphia, PA), Iris Explosion (Brooklyn, NY), Kita St. Cyr (New York, NY), Maggie Missile (CO Springs, CO), Mariposa Bop (London, England), Mischa Mischief (Alberquerque, NM), OD Kimani (Madison, WI), Renaissance Noir (Philadelphia, PA), and Sucre à la Crème (Montréal, Québec).

Tickets are available individually or purchase our two-night package and save!

Visit theNerdlesqueFest.com for details on classes, shows, special events, and more! 

All ticket sales are non-refundable and WILL CALL only to be picked up day or night of performance, at our box office at 1208 Surf Avenue. TICKETS WILL NOT SHIP. There are no extra service fees for online purchase.