Martin Mazorra Original Prints - Side Show Series

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Martin Mazorra Original Woondcuts - Side Show Series  Color Woodcut, Relief and Letterpress print, 18" x 24", on Savoy Natural White cotton paper. Hand-cut, Hand-printed with antique wooden type.
Edition of 50, 2020. Signed on the front. Unframed.

These prints will Drop Ship from Martin Mazorra's Studio. Please allow 10-14 days for DELIVERY.

Brooklyn-based artist Martin Mazorra has produced a NEW series of six limited edition prints inspired by Coney Island USA's own Sideshows by the Seashore.  Each Print in the series pays tribute to a particular act or archetype associated with amazing physical feats of showmanship commonly associated with the Sideshow.

These 18 x 24 inch beauties are executed using the same process as poster work from the carnival and circus Heyday. Each of the images are hand-hewn wood carvings printed in combination with antique wooden display type on a 1930's Letterpress operated and maintained by the artist himself. Every impression, all of the color ink combinations, and each detail, are carefully planned and executed in the time-honored dark arts with all but one difference; The matrix used to apply the color were Legos - a feat that demands a lengthier explanation, we know, one that you'll have to see to believe!