Book - Coney Island Awakes! New Children’s Book

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ByJanet Morgan

“This incredible artsy graphic fairytale is sure to be reread again and again at bedtime. Thirty three loose and playful drawings of 21st Century Coney Island depict the famed playground of NYC during the unprecedented Covid Quarantine when the rides went silent and the beach seemed deserted. In the fog and the mist of both Covid and seafoam, Artist/Author Janet Morgan begins to hear the voice of a lonely landmarked Parachute Jump wanting to chat and tell a story , the story of a Phoenix arising. The Phoenix is both the name of Coney Island’s newest rollercoaster as well as the neighborhood’s latest reincarnation as a summertime destination. Once the old and newest rides reopen the laughs and screams return.”
- Dick Zigun, Founder, Coney Island USA